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Our current line of dining room, patico or gazebo furniture

Our most popular teak wood dining sets

Dining & living room funiture from is made to last a lifetime. It's made by people, not machines, and by people that care!

These reclaimed teak wood dining room sets have been popular for years and will probably remain popular for many more years to come, as they are quite impressive.

The Gothic looking set with the impressive looking mediaval chairs, is made of old fence posts, while some of the other diner sets are made of 100% teak wooden old oxcart wheels and railway sleepers. All of the teak wood that is used in our funiture is either reclaimed, salvaged and only occasionally from managed forest. You can read more about our eco friendly production techniques and eco aware reclaiming process on our how we make our products page.

Although we advise to buy a complete dinner set, many of our customers choose to order just two or three of the long chairs, as an eye catching item for in their hallways or reception. Doing such is very decorative, but not as pratical as when the set would come with a table. Once the newness wears off, the functionality having an actual dining room set wil become evident, as this type of furniture does not allow to be placed inconspiously in a corner or niche.

We can also provide customized designs or specific dimensions for those with special needs or great ideas. The production lead time for these "made to order" items will be approximately 45 days.

reclaimed teak wood dining set made from old fence posts reclaimed teak furniture in camden, london gothic dining set with medival chairs in another light longer tables made of teak wood are availabe upon requestthe glass plate makes it even more impressive
teak wood thronesOxcart furniture a true throne that can make visitors feel comfortable and sales men intimidated