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Keep reclaimed teak furniture looking like new

Teak wood is famous for its durability and unique characteristics. Although sometimes thought to be nearly indestructible, teak furniture made of reclaimed fence posts, old ox carts or driftwood does require both initial and periodical care or maintenance.

Teak furniture is often thought to be impregnable to wood worms and other bugs, but the EU and other country's governments still demand that that any furniture made of wood shall be properly fumigated and dried before shipping.

After the fumigation process, all reclaimed teakwood dining sets, tables, chairs, cabinets, shelving, thrones and beds receive a layer a wax on them. This layer will dissolve after a few weeks, but can be removed by regular cleaning as well.

After the wax has been cleared you can apply teak oil for outdoor use or a new layer of bee wax for indoor use.