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Dining sets from are everlasting.

However, as fashion and good taste demand, our furniture designs change. Some of our dining set designs, like the reclaimed fence posts furniture, last decades while other are hi-fashion designs and will usually fade out after a few years.

New wooden furniture designs are introduced yearly and will remain as long as demand lasts.

We can also provide customized designs or specific dimensions for those with special needs or great ideas. The production lead time for these made to order items will be approximately 45 days.

As our senior furniture designer and quality inspector is currently in the process of instructing the furniture factories in Thailand on how to produce his latest furniture designs, we will not bore you by listing our old designs, but we will show you the best of what we have to offer during the fall.

A sneak preview of some of the new furniture designs can be seen below. These images represent the latest designs that are ready for production as wel as some of (secret) prototypes of new lines that we are still testing and developing. Feel free to contact us if you have any question about delivery dates, customizable features or more specifications of these items.

Exlusive dinning set made of small teak wood pieceseasy movable chair that weigh a ton
extra strenghtened stainless steel frame to support the 2 parts of teak wood pieces table.teak meeting table: the attraction in any office or conference room
Teak wood pieces dinner table and 4 chairs for smaller meetingsStrong stainless steel frame for to support the immense weight of the teak wood.