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Furniture from Thailand: Not just any kind of handmade furniture!

teak dinner table and chairs

reception desk made of teak wooden wheel and stainless steel

Thai furniture is world renowned, durable, strong, ecologically sound, nature friendly and sturdy furniture that looks impressive in any type of home or garden. Thai dining tables and chairs are mostly made of teak. This Thai furniture is made to last for decades, if not centuries, to come, so that you and the following generations can enjoy these tables and chairs, life lasting!Our dining room furniture and these outdoors dining sets from Thailand are currently available at a conveniently located shop in Camden (UK), but you will also see these tables and chairs at country fairs all over England and Europe. Just call or send us an e-mail for more information about the schedules.Besides dinner tables, dining chairs and outside dining sets, we will also be offering several other items that are made of reclaimed teak wood or drift wood. Listing them all may take some time, but be assured that we can help you in all your reclaimed teakwood furniture needs.

We are currently expanding our product line to include items like: Cabinets, dressers, mirrors, bars, stools, thrones, gazebo's, lounge chairs, ox cart based furniture, picnic tables and traditional thai reclining bed-tables, all made of reclaimed teak wood.Most of these salvaged teak wood items can already be seen and ordered in our main showroom in Camden, or will available there shortly.Expect the most updated price list to be ready by the end of november, at which time our senior furniture designer and quality inspector will have instructed our factories in Thailand on how to make the latest designs in home or garden furniture. Soon after that the first prototypes will be ready to be displayed, right here on

We at value fair trade and work accordingly. All teak wood items produced in our factories are guaranteed to have been made of reclaimed / salvaged teak wood! We do not condone the illegal cross border trading of freshly cut teak logs and will never allow that type of illegal timber to be used in the production of our tables and chairs. All of the workers in our factories are paid well and receive room and board, if they require such. Both the business itself, as well as it's workers have full insurance coverage in unlikely case that any mishaps may occur. Whenever the factories need to attract additional workers from across Thailand's borders, such will be done only with proper documents and with full knowledge of the responsible labor organizations and government bodies, thus respecting the applicable labor laws regulations and human right organization's guidelines.